1ForAll Password Manager Released

March 25th, 2014

1ForAll Password Manager offers possibilities to save all your user names and passwords in one AES encrypted database and save all entries with one master password. The quick access to you passwords and user names is highly polished to suit your personal work flow. Save your accounts with auto generated high secure passwords. Perfect for those who stores passwords normally in text or xls files to avoid the lost-in-mind situation.

The difference to other password manager apps is that 1ForAll Password Manager is designed to our personal use and the use of our staff members and will be daily improved. Frequently maintain is guaranteed. All improvements of daily use will be integrate in the app from time to time. The App is absolute spy and advertising free.

The use of 1ForAll Password Manager is free for ten password data sets. If you want to use it for more data sets you have to become a premium user. That is easily done by one in-app purchase.


Download in Google Play



* designed for smart phone use
* complete AES encryption
* different views to suite your personal access
* multiple category filter
* intelligent filter/search option
* two username/password workflow pages with huge typo for easy reading
* copy and paste username and password
* automatic internal backups
* multiple internal password restores
* automatic generation of passwords
* password database drop
* selectable staying alive mode
* device sharing via bluetooth, wifi-direct, email, drive, dropbox
* database import

SMS Recovery

March 2nd, 2014

A user about EASIS SMS Recovery:

You did well job guys.
Recently I lost my messages, by this app recovere all sms.
Once again iam glad you to build  this app


You will find SMS Recovery Demo  here.

And the full version here.



EASIS Software Downloads

February 18th, 2014

EASIS offers different software tools for working with your digital data in fields of data recovery, hard drive cloning, data erasing, drive monitoring and efficient data backup. All tools are available in free or commercial versions with less or more limitations.

You can downloads our tools here:


Have fun!


EASIS Recovery Support 4 KB Sector Sizes on New Generation Hard Drives

March 12th, 2013

Berlin 3/12/2013

EASIS® Recovery supports with version 4.4 modern hard drives with advanced sector sizes off 4 KB. Typical this are hard drives with more than 3 TB capacity but some manufactures like WD supports already 2 TB hard drives with this advanced technology.    Advanced sector size for hard drives is announced firstly in 2009 were hard drive manufactures explains how important it is to change sector size from 512 Kb each sector to 4 KB.  The advantage of advanced sector sizes should be higher hard drive performances and less surface resolution that make read/write operations easier.

Also EASIS® Recovery implemented an easy to use search filter which helps to find deleted files. Popular files filters like photos, documents, music for example are predefined in groups. With this feature deleted file recovery is possible in a short time also with nervous data recovery skills. Off course,  also  EASIS® Recovery shows the complete data recovery tree like the original directory tree including deleted structures. That allows the user to search deleted files manually by browsing through the file system.

The software can be run on all computers with Microsoft® 32/64-Bit file systems, which is Windows® 2000 through Windows® 8. Nevertheless, once the software is installed on one of these systems, data recovery will also be successful from hard disks written with other file systems like Windows® 98. This will also work for other rewritable storage media such as Flash and SD cards and USB sticks.

EASIS® develops and distribute software for data recovery, drive cloning, data erasure and hard drive monitoring. Furthermore EASIS® develops and distribute android apps like sms recovery.



SMS Recovery

November 27th, 2012

EASIS publish first SMS Recovery App for internal Android Memory

EASIS SMS Recovery is the only App that will recover your deleted short messages directly from your Smartphone database.

The App recovers accidentally deleted short messages instantly from your internal phone database and restore them in the original SMS thread. Forensic and sophisticated algorithms are used to search for deleted short message patterns. No PC needed. Messages will recovered with original date and time stamp.

Handling is very simple. Just click one button to start the recovery scan and some seconds later deleted short messages are listed. From this point selected choices can insert in the original SMS database.

SMS Recovery is not for recovery databases after factory resets, dialer clear actions or other clearing operations which delete whole databases.

SMS Recovery is listed with specifications in Googles Play platform:

Would be a world beater

October 17th, 2012
The underling program design is great, very happy with the way it works, its easy to underestimate what a solid and well developed program this is, because so much is hidden behind the UI, with a more mainstream UI it would be a world beater. thanks

Data Recovery from 4TB Hard Drive

October 13th, 2012

I wanted to say thanks to your team for a great product.  I had a 4TB drive mysteriously disappear on a running system.  My system configuration in not typical (RAID drive, GPT partition and Hypervisor).  I tried the following other products before finding Easis:


  • [... freeware]:  Analysis completed with an error that the drive appeared to be half the size it should be.
  • [....]: doesn’t support the 1024 sector size
  • [....]:  Appeared to get stuck in the analysis phase – I gave up after waiting 40+ hours (unlike Easis it does not estimate the time remaining; a critical feature for big drives like this.)
  • [.... ]: was able to recover files but without the correct names and no folder structure.  With nearly a million files on the drive this isn’t practical.

[....] EASIS:We delete the real software names

Easis looked like the most polished and professional of the products.  “QuickScan” didn’t work so I chose the full scan.  It took 30 hours to analyze the drive, during which time its progress was clear and the time estimates consistent.  At that point I purchased a full license and was pleased that it allowed me to activate and continue.  I quickly recovered the 200 GB of files that I really needed and now have it copying off the remaining 3TB of “nice to have” stuff.  As far as I can tell I will have lost nothing.

It is amazing to me that I ended up in this mess in the first place (it’s a RAID 5 drive that doesn’t seem to have had any physical failures and  I have a solid backup strategy which proved to be not as good as I hoped because I omitted one very important folder).  Needless to say I am very grateful that Easis was able to save the day!

New Software Options in EASIS Data Recovery

September 24th, 2012

We inserted some new software option in EASIS Data Recovery to make the recovery a bit faster. The new options are:

  • Search NT File Systems
  • Search FAT File Systems


If you select both options (Search NTFS and FAT FS) the software will search for FAT and NTFS  file system during the Scan. NTFS file systems are typically used by Windows for internal hard drives. FAT file systems are mostly pre-installed on external hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards and other external media. You have to select these option in front of running the scan.
If you are sure you don’t want to search for one of these file systems you can deselect them for the  scan here. EASIS data recovery will ignore than patterns to recognize the corresponding file system entries and scan faster.

Other older options are:

  • Force recovery without FAT (ignore the existing FAT during recovery process)
  • Use probabilistic FAT evaluation (the software decide which FAT has better recovery quality)
  • Single Sector back off (The software will reduce automatically to one sector read if bad sectors occurs)
  • Show NT system files (For experts: special NT files are shown $MFT, $BADSECTORS, …)

If you select the tab ‘sorting results’ you will find some other interesting options.

Often on older hard drives you can find a little amount of file system scraps. This file systems have a small amount of good content but normally uninteresting because to old.   These file system are typically smaller than 10 Gbytes.  Suppress them easily by selecting ‘show only NT FS > 10Gb’ or ‘show only FAT FS > 10Gb’.



Free File Recovery for Better Evaluation Purposes

September 23rd, 2012

EASIS Data Recovery offers two possibilities to evaluate files in his shareware version. One possibility is to prove file contents by double click on special files. The second new possibility is to make a real file recover of single files.

To do this make a scan of your drive. It doesn’t matter even you want to recover deleted files or a complete drive. Select the recovery task that suites to you.  After the scan you will see the file explorer with the folder structure on the left hand and the corresponding files on the right hand. To use now the free single file recovery option only click once with the right mouse button on the file and select “recover single file (free)”.

After this the folder selection box appears, and you can copy the file to a save place (NOT THE SAME DRIVE OR PARTITION).  The free single file recovery option is available in all file list views of the software.

The free file recovery option will disappears after you register the software. After registering all other buttons will get full functional.



Precheck the File Quality of a data recovery task

September 22nd, 2012

EASIS Data Recovery offers you the opportunity to preview recovered data and check if they are complete before you spend money for a license.

After the data recovery the software presents the recovered folders and files in a file explorer window and similar to the structure you knew before. The partitions,folders and files are listed with their original names and extensions and can be previewed in their original applications `Recover->Preview´.
If the files are still intact, that is if they haven´t been overwritten, the files will be readable in there application. If some of the files have been destroyed, the application may give you an error message which means the file could not be recovered.

All steps described so far can be performed with an unregistered copy of the software. To save your data you need to purchase a registration key. It will then be forwarded to you by e-mail so you can unlock the software and proceed.

You may save the scan of Volume Recovery before registration or if you want to resume your work later and reload it afterwards to finish your data recovery. After restarting the software, select LOAD on the first page and open the process file.

After unlocking the software you select the folders and files you want and save them to the additional storage device. To do this you should either use the explorer window and pick the files/ folders to be recovered, or use the search window to find a group of files or folders.

Folders will be copied completely with all subdirectories and files.